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Why CD Photocopy?

You can't build your case without the critical records you've hired a service to retrieve.
But for some strange reason, those indispensable documents you've ordered
haven't arrived.
Even worse, you have no idea why they haven't and when they will. Meanwhile, precious time slips away. The headaches mount.
Try a better way.

A Better Way

A refreshingly different approach to record retrieval, personal and worry free.

Personalized Service

From request to delivery, a specially selected team member will be with you every step of the way to keep you fully updated and answer all your questions. Whether you prefer telephone, email, or online, we provide you with detailed progress reports to keep you in the loop at all times.

Worry Free

We have a proven track record of locating even the most elusive information and records. From verification procedures to location research our "info hounds" will persevere until they get what you need. This means you can be sure of always managing and meeting your deadlines.

CD Photocopy

Let CD Photocopy Service, Inc. bring the power of experience, personalized service, and plain old perseverance to your case.


CD Photocopy Services

Total Defense Emphasis

We focus exclusively on Workers' Comp Defense cases, so we know the territory from one end to the other. Why defense? Fraudulent workers' compensation claims are costing California businesses and consumers a reported $5 billion per year, and we're committed to working with our clients to reduce this number drastically.

High Speed Delivery

Familiarity with our territory means we don't waste time floundering for information. We know all the best routes and channels. We get your subpoenas and authorizations served, updates forwarded, records copied, and documents delivered fast. Not quite light speed. But we're working on it.

Document Integrity

You'll always receive an exact copy of the original records. Aside from Bates Stamping, we never alter, modify, re-organize, or otherwise tamper with documents. In other words, we stick to our business.

Records Review

CD Photocopy Service, Inc. provides you with a complimentary statewide WCAB Index and thorough records location review process for all obtained documents. This yields an easy to read document summary, enabling you to quickly assess the validity of all claims, find additional facilities to serve, and simplify the discovery process. For a nominal fee, a licensed registered nurse will perform a comprehensive medical review of your records, enabling quick discovery of any possible apportionment issues.

In-House & SIU Copying

We are happy to provide on-site services. Once a week, or whenever the need arises, we'll arrive in person to satisfy all of your in-house copy needs. This service includes SIU Claims file duplication and preparation. Experience sheer relief as your grateful staff will be able to focus on the case at hand instead of making copies.

Digital Storage

Employing state-of-the-art scanning and duplication equipment, we'll help you clean shop and keep it clean. We can digitally store all of your files, allowing you to retrieve documents instantly. Moreover, you can provide your clients improved document security and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities. You'll experience increased productivity and improved workflow - guaranteed!

Extranet Access

CD Photocopy Service, Inc. clients are able to privately login to their own customized, and totally secure, HIPAA compliant website. Once logged in, clients have access to all statuses of orders, requests for additional records, as well as the ability to download all previously copied records.


What's the status???
At CD Photocopy Service, Inc. we pride ourselves on our effort to keep our clients up to date with the status of their requests via email, telephone, or fax.

Research Specialists

For all locations requested, our experienced research specialists follow a rigorous comprehensive and disciplined search process in order to locate and verify the accurate service location. If only limited information is provided, we research the physical area, as well as, past location history in order to provide a list of possible locations. In addition to our extensive custom database, we also subscribe to multiple private databases to expand our research capabilities.

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