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You can't build your case without the critical records you've hired a service to retrieve. But for some strange reason, those indispensable documents you've ordered haven't arrived. Even worse, you have no idea why they haven't and when they will. Meanwhile, precious time slips away. The headaches mount. Try a better way.

CD Photocopy Service, Inc offers you a refreshingly different approach to record retrieval.

The Personalized Approach. From request to delivery, a specially selected team member will be with you every step of the way to keep you fully updated and answer all your questions. Whether you prefer telephone, email, or online, we provide you with detailed progress reports to keep you in the loop at all times.

Don't worry. We've made a habit of locating even the most elusive information and records. From verification procedures to location research our "info hounds" will persevere until they get what you need. This means you can be sure of always managing and meeting your deadlines.

Let CD Photocopy Service, Inc. bring the power of experience, personalized service, and plain old perseverance to your case.

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